11th International Conference on
Intelligent Systems: Theories and Applications

19-20 October 2016 - FST Mohammedia - Morocco

03 July 2016
12 June 2016
07 September 2016
25 September 2016
19-20 October 2016

Program & Papers

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

8h30-9h00: Registration open

9h00-9h30: Opening Ceremony

9h30-10h30: Keynote Speaker

Keynote 1: Dr. Sebastian Ventura Soto (University of Cordoba Spain)
Title: - More flexible repesentations in datamining

10h30-11h15: Smart Application & Smart Robots / Coffee Break

11h15-12h35: Session 1.1 - Machine Learning

ID Riadh Zaatour, Amel Borgi and Ilef Ben Slima.
“Attributes regrouping by association rules in SUCRAGE”
(Université de Tunis El Manar, ISI, Faculté des Sciences de Tunis, LIPAH Tunisie)

ID Mouhir Mohammed, Balouki Youssef and Taoufiq Gadi.
“Optimal-MDPREF: novel approach for distributed association rules mining ”
(FST Settat UH1)

ID Khalil Laghmari, Christophe Marsala and Mohammed Ramdani.
“Graded multi-label classification: compromise between handling label relations and limiting error propagation ”

ID Badre Labiad, Abdelaziz Berrado and Loubna Benabbou.
“Machine Learning Techniques for Short Term Stock Movements Classification for Moroccan Stock Exchange”
(EMI UM5 Rabat)

11h15-12h35: Session 1.2 - Web and Social network applications
ID Houda Zaim, Mohammed Ramdani and Adil Haddi.
“Multi-Criteria Analysis Approach Based on Consumer Satisfaction to Rank B2C E-commerce Websites”

ID Mouna El Marrakchi, Hicham Bensaid and Mostafa Bellafkih.
“Intelligent Reputation Scoring in Social Networks: Use case of brands of smartphones”
(INPT Rabat)

ID Neeraj Rajesh and Lisa Gandy.
“CashTagNN: Using Sentiment of Tweets with CashTags to Predict Stock Market Prices”
(Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, U.S)

ID Dalal Zaim and Mostafa Bellafkih.
“Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Based Geomarketing system”
(INPT Rabat)

11h15-12h35: Session 1.3 - Software engineering 1

ID Fakhi Hicham, Youssfi Mohammed, Bouattane Omar and Ouajji Hassan..
“- A new model for programming distributed computer based on GPU chip and mobile Agent”
(ENSET Mohammedia UH2C)

ID Samir Anter, Moulay Hafid El Yazidi, Ahmed Zellou and Ali Idri.
“- Towards a generic model of a user profile”
(ENSIAS UM5 Rabat)

ID Abir El Yamami, Khalifa Mansouri, Mohammed Qbadou and Illoussamen Elhossein.
“- Toward a new model for the governance of organizational transformation projects based on multi-agents systems”
(ENSET Mohammedia UH2C)

ID Sara Elmidaoui, Laila Cheikhi and Ali Idri.
“- A Survey of Empirical Studies in Software Product Maintainability Prediction Models”
(ENSIAS UM5 Rabat)

12h35-14h30: Lunch

14h30-16h10: Session 2.1 - Software Engineering 2

ID Anass Rachdi, Abdeslam En-Nouaary and Mohamed Dahchour.
“Analysis of Common Business Rules in BPMN Process Models Using Business Rule Language”
(INPT Rabat)

ID Abdelaziz Mamouni, Abdelaziz Marzak and Zayed Al Haddad.
“ZCMGProcess: ZCM-based Process for the Zakat Calculation Models Generation (ZCMGenerator a Framework Supporting this Approach)”
(FS Ben M’sik UH2C)

ID Omar El Beggar, Khadija Letrache and Mohammed Ramdani.
“Towards an MDA-Oriented UML Profiles for Data Warehouses Design and Development”

ID Imane Essebaa and Salima Chantit.
“QVT rules: toward an automatic method to get PIM level from CIM model”

ID Abdoullah Fath-Allah, Laila Cheikhi, Rafa Al-Qutaish and Idri Ali.
“MBeGPMM – Architectural and Procedural Views Swarm algorithm”
(ENSIAS UM5 Rabat)

14h30-16h10: Session 2.2 - Combinatorial optimization
ID Arakil Chentoufi, Abdelhakim El Fatmi, Ali Bekri, Said Benhlima and Mohamed Sabbane.
“Solving multiple RNA sequences alignment by multi-objective genetic algorithm method based on Pareto optimality”
(Faculty of Science, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes)

ID Bouchra Karoum and Bouazza Elbenani.
“Clonal Selection Algorithm for the Team Orienteering Problem”
(FS Rabat UM5)

ID Mohammed Saddoune and Mouhcine Tassine.
“A Dynamic Constraint Aggregation Based Solution Approach for Monthly Aircrew Pairing Problem”

ID Sanae Kouismi, Loubna Benabbou, Najiba Sbihi and Bernard Penz.
“- Scheduling unloading operations in a railway terminal”
(EMI UM5 Rabat , Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble)

ID Anouar Annouch and Adil Bellabdaoui.
“Split delivery and pickup vehicle routing problem with two-dimensional loading constraints”
(ENSIAS UM5 Rabat)

14h30-16h10: Session 2.3 - Telecom and networking 1
ID Rihab Bousseta, Salma Tayeb, Issam El Ouakouak, Mourad Gharbi, Fakhita Regragui and Mohamed Majid Himmi.
“EEG Efficient classification of imagined hand movement using RBF kernel SVM”
(FS Rabat UM5)

ID Soufiane Ouahou, Slimane Bah, Zohra Bakkoury and Abdelhakim Hafid.
“Dynamic Clustering algorithm based on beacon delay”
(EMI UM5 Rabat)

ID Elhamraoui Ahmed, Abdelmounim Elhassane, Zbitou Jamal and Bennis Hamid.
“Compact Dual-Band Microstrip Slot Antenna for UHF and Microwave RFID Applications”
(FSTSettat UH1)

ID Tizyi Hafid, Riouch Fatima, Tribak Abdelwahed and Najid Abdellah.
“Design of Two Compact Bandpass Filters based on External Quality Factor for RFID Application”
(INPT Rabat)

ID Sara Sekkate, Mohammed Khalil and Abdellah Adib.
“The performance of an automatic aircraft identification in flat fading channels”

16h10-16h30: Coffee Break

16h30-18h10: Session 3.1 - Machine learning applications

ID Assia Mezhar, Mohammed Ramdani, and Amal Elmzabi.
“A novel weakly supervised approach for casual English normalization ”

ID Mohammed Benkhalifa and Hajar Elhannach.
“Hybrid approach to Extracting Adjectives for Implicit Aspect Identification in Opinion Mining”
(FS Rabat UM5)

ID Mohammed Chlyah, Mohamed Dardor and Jaouad Boumhidi.
“Multi-Agent System Based on Support Vector Machine for Incident Detection in urbain roads”

ID Khadija Hamidi Alaoui, Loubna Benabbou, Abdelaziz Berrado and Anas Tarmouti.
“A Classification Based Framework for Credit Risk Assessment in the Moroccan Financial Market”
(EMI UM5 Rabat)

16h30-18h10: Session 3.2 - Arabic natural language programming

ID Ahmed Al Falahi, Mohammed Ramdani and Moustafa Bellafkih.
“Authorship Attribution in Arabic Poetry Using NB, SVM, SMO”

ID Mohamed Salim El Bazzi, Taher Zaki, Driss Mammass and Abdel Ennaji.
“Stemming versus multi-words indexing for Arabic documents classification”
(Ibn Zohr University Agadir, litis, Université de Rouen, France)

ID Said Bahassine, Abdellah Madani and Mohamed Kissi.
“An improved Chi-Sqaure feature selection for Arabic text classification using decision trees”
(FSTM UH2C FS Eljadida)

ID Said Iazzi, Abdellah Yousfi and Mostafa Bellafkih.
“Morphological analysis based on graphs and tables between affixes and root correspondence”
(FSJE Rabat, INPT Rabat)

ID Walid Cherif, Abdellah Madani and Mohamed Kissi.
“A combination of low-level light stemming and support vector machines for arabic opinions classification”
(FSTM UH2C FS Eljadida)

16h30-18h10: Session 3.3 - Telecom and networking 2

ID Younès Raoui, Mourad Elbelkacemi, Hakim Elimrani and Mohamed Karim Ettouhami.
“Fuzzy Logic for the Obstacle Avoidance and EKF Localization of a Mobile Robot Using RFID Technology”
(FS Rabat ENSET Rabat UM5)

ID Mohamed Ihamji, Abdelmounim Hassan, Jamal Zbitou and Hamid Bennis.
“Novel Design of a Miniature L-slot Microstrip CPW-Fed Antenna for RFID Reader”
(FSTSettat UH1)

ID Ouafae Kasmi, Amine Baina and Mostafa Bellafkih.
“Multi-Level Integrity management in critical Infrastructure ”
(INPT Rabat)

ID El Btissam Khamlichi, Abdelaali Chaoub, Ahmed Lichioui and Jamal El Abbadi.
“A Quantitative Investigation of Spectrum Utilization in UHF and VHF bands in Morocco: the Road to Cognitive Radio Networks”

Thursday, October 20, 2016

9h00-10h00: Keynote Speaker

Keynote 2: Dr. Issmail El Hallaoui (GERAD & Polytechnique de Montréal)
Title: - Aggregation methods & Big Data: Primal integer programming for set partitioning problems

10h00-10h30: Smart Application & Smart Robots / Coffee Break

10h30-12h30: Session 4.1 - Embedded Systems & Smart Grid

ID Younes Dhassi, Abdellah Aarab and Mohammed Alfidi.
“IMM-PF visual tracking based on multi-feature fusion”

ID Hajar Deqqaq and Abdellah Abouabdellah.
“A bi-objective optimization for a green distribution network with transportation modes selection”
(ENSA Kenitra)

ID Hind Bangui, Said Rakrak and Said Raghay.
“Selecting Location-based services in mobile cloud computing”
(Cadi Ayyad University Marrakech)

ID Khaoula Hassoune.
“Survey On Smart Parking Systems”

ID Houda Bouderraoui and Mouhcine Chami.
“Smart Grid Household Profile Simulator”
(INPT Rabat)

10h30-12h30: Session 4.2 - Smart E-learning

ID Asmaa Darouich, Faddoul Khoukhi and Khadija Douzi.
“A cognitive indicator activity for dynamic learning content pattern in adaptive learning environment”

ID Saïd Alami Aroussi, El Habib Nfaoui and Omar Elbeqqali.
“Improving Question Answering Systems by using the Explicit Semantic Analysis method”
(USMBA, Faculté des Sciences FES)

ID Samir Bennani, Khalidi Idrissi Mohammed and Fimoud Ikhlass.
“Enhancing learner experience with the mechanism of adaptive profile”
(EMI UM5 Rabat)

ID Lotfi El-Ghouli and Faddoul Khoukhi.
“Contributions of Serious Games on Adaptive Learning Systems”

ID Mohammed Al-Sarem and Bassam Al-Tamimi.
“Using Fuzzy Unbalanced Linguistic Variables to Enhance the Course Assessment Process”
(Taibah University Saudi Arabia)

ID Abderrahim El Mhouti, Azeddine Nasseh and Mohamed Erradi.
“Using Cloud Computing and a Multi-Agents System to Improve Collaborative e-Learning in a LMS”
(Faculté des Sciences Tétouan, UAE)

10h30-12h30: Session 4.3 - E-orientation, SISA-3 project

ID Meryem Ghanjaoui, Khadija Douzi and Salima Chantit.
“Toward an E-orientation Platform”

ID Zouhair Rimale, El Habib Benlahmar and Abderrahim Tragha.
“An Approach for the Automatic Generation of a Content Type of a Semantic Learning Object from Ontology”
(FS Ben M’sik UH2C)

ID Kawtar J'Nini, Faouzia Benabbou and Nawal Sael.
“Toward Multilingual System in E-orientation domain”
(FS Ben M’sik UH2C)

ID Fatima Zahra Guerss and Khadija Douzi.
“Modernization of a domain E-orientation metamodel”

ID Jihad Adib, Abdelaziz Marzak, Hicham Moutachaouik.
“MDA For E-Orientation System”
(FS Ben M’sik UH2C, ENSEM UH2C)

ID Omar Elbeggar, Khadija Letrache, Adil El Bouziri, Mohammed Ramdani.
“A metamodel to increase adaptivity in E-orientation platform”

ID Omar Zahour, El Habib Ben Lahmar and Ahmed Eddaoui.
“E-Orientation :Between prescription theories and decision making”
(FS Ben M’sik UH2C)

12h30-14h30: Lunch

14h30-16h30: Session 5.1 - Health Informatics

ID Sofia Ouhbi, Ali Idri, Rachid Hakmi, Halima Benjelloun, José Luis Fernandez Aleman and Ambrosio Toval.
“Requirements Specification of an e-Health Solution to Improve Cardiovascular Healthcare Services in Morocco”
(ENSIAS, F.of Medicine Rabat, University of Murcia)

ID Yosra Ben Salem, Rihab Idoudi, Kamel Hamrouni, Solaiman Basel and Sana Bousetta.
“Image Based Mammographic Ontology Learning”
(National Engeneering School of Tunis, E N S Télécommunications de Bretagne)

ID Fatima Chakir, Abdelilah Jilbab, Ahmed Hammouch and Chafik Nacir.
“Phonocardiogram Signals Classification into Normal Heart Sounds and Heart Murmur Sounds”
(ENSIAS Rabat)

ID Mohamed Boussaa, Issam Atouf, Mohamed Atibi and Abdellatif Bennis.
“Comparison of MFCC and DWT features extractors applied to PCG classification”
(FS Ben M’sik UH2C)

ID Said Amrane , Nawfel Azami and Mostafa Abouricha.
“Auto Calibration process for compensating thermal effects in noninvasive blood glucose monitoring based on optical coherence tomography”
(INPT Rabat, FS Ain Chock UH2C)

14h30-16h30: Session 5.2 - Health Supply Chain Management
ID Zoubida Chorfi, Loubna Benabbou and Abdelaziz Berrado.
“An Experimental Approach for Dimensioning Public Healthcare Supply Chains”
(EMI UM5 Rabat)

ID Khaoula Khlie, Driss Serrou and Abdellah Abouabdellah.
“Impact of Lean-logistic and information system in the information flow management within the heathcare supply chain”
(ENSA Kenitra)

ID Malak Mouaky, Abdelaziz Berrado and Loubna Benabbou.
“A MCDA Approach to select a Kanban system for multi-echelon inventory management in a pharmaceutical supply chain”
(EMI UM5 Rabat)

ID Samia Laghrabli, Loubna Benabbou and Abdelaziz Berrado.
“Strategic Decision Processes Classification Framework Using UTADIS”
(EMI UM5 Rabat)

ID Aida Elamrani, Aziz Berrado and Loubna Benabbou.
“A model for classification of outsourcing related organizational risks in a pharmaceutical supply chain”
(EMI UM5 Rabat)

ID Kaoutar Jenoui and Abdellah Abouabdellah.
“Single or Multiple Sourcing: A Mathematical Approach to Decision Making in the Hospital Sector”
(ENSA Kenitra)

14h30-16h30: Session 5.3 - Pattern Recognition

ID Ayoub Bouziane, Houda Kadi, Soufiane Hourri and Jamal Kharroubi.
“An open and free Speech Corpus for Speaker Recognition: The FSCSR Speech Corpus”
(FST Fes University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)

ID Mohamed Hachimi and Abdelhakim Ballouk.
“Overcoming Control Challenges in the Artificial Pancreas”

ID Mohammed Lahraichi, Khalid Housni and Samir Mbarki.
“Bayesian Detection of Moving Object based on Graph Cut”
(Ibn Tofail University, Faculty of Sciences Kenitra)

ID Mohammed Nahid, Abderrahim Bajit and Abdennaceur Baghdad.
“Perceptual Quality Metric Applied to Wavelet-Based 2D Region of Interest Image Coding”

ID Mohamed Lahby, Yassine Ismaili, Abderrahim Sekkaki and Abdelbaki Attioui.
“Performance analysis of minutia-based fingerprint matching algorithms”
(ENS Casablanca, FS-Ain Chock UH2C)

16h30-17h00: Closing ceremony


General Chairs


Steering Committee

  • BAKKOURY Zohra (EMI, Rabat)
  • BERRADO Abdelaziz (EMI, RABAT)
  • JANATI IDRISSI Mohamed Abdou (ENSIAS, Rabat)

Scientific Committee

ABOUTAJDINE Driss (CNRST-Rabat, Morocco)
ABRAN Alain (ETS-Montreal, Canada)
ADIB Abdellah (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
ALEMAN Jose Luis (University of Murcia-Murcia, Spain)
AL-SAREM Mohamed (University Taibah-Medina, KSA)
AZOUAZI Mohamed (FSBM-Casablanca, Morocco)
BAH Slimane (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
BAINA amine (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
BAKKOURY Zohra (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
BEKKHOUCHA Abdelkrim (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
BELAISSAOUI Mustapha (ENCG-Settat, Morocco)
BELKASMI Mostafa (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
BELLABDAOUI Adil (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
BELLAFKIH Mostafa (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
BELMEKKI Abdelhamid (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
BELOUADHA Fatima Zahra (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
BENABBOU Loubna (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
BENBRAHIM Houda (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
BENHLIMA Laila (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
BENKHALIFA Mohamed (FS-Rabat, Morocco)
BENSAID Hicham (INPT-RABAT, Morocco)
BERRADO Aziz (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
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BETARI Abdelkader (UNIV MED 1ER, Morocco)
BORGI Amel (ISI University Tunis El Manar- Ariana, Tunisia)
BOUCHON-MEUNIER Bernadette (CNRS LIP6-Paris, France)
BOULMAKOUL Azedine (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
BOUMHIDI Ismail (FS DM-FES, Morocco)
BOUROUMI Abdelaziz (FSBM-Casablanca, Morocco)
CARRILLO DE GEA Juan Manuel (University of Murcia-Murcia, Spain)
CHANTIT Salima (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
CHEIKHI Laila (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
CHEN Shuwei (University of Ulster-Coleraine, UK)
CHERKAOUI Chihab (ENCG-Agadir, Morocco)
DAHCHOUR Mohamed (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
DELGADO Tatiana (CUJAE-Havana, CUBA)
DOUMI Karim (UM5R-Rabat, Morocco)
DOUZI Khadija (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
DSSOULI Rachida (University of Concordia-Montreal, Canada)
EL BAKKALI Hanane (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
EL BAQQALI Omar (FS DM-FES, Morocco)
El BEGGAR Omar (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
EL FADDOULI Nour-Eddine (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
EL HEBIL Farid (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
EL KOUCH Rachid (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
EL KOUTBI Mohammed (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
ELBOUZIRI Adil (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
EN-NOUAARY Abdesslam (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
ERRAIS Mohammed Amine (FSAC-Casablanca, Morocco)
ESSAAIDI Mohamed (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
FERNANDEZ Joao (University of Minho-Braga, Portugal)
GUENNOUN Zouhair (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
HADDI Adil (EST-Berrachid, Morocco)
IBN ELHAJ Elhassane (INPT-RABAT, Morocco)
IDRI Ali (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
JANATI IDRISSI Mohamed Abdou (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
KABBAJ Mohammed Issam (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
KASSOU Ismail (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
KHOUKHI Fadoul (FST-Mohammedia, Morocco)
KISSI Mohamed (FST-Mohammedia, Morocco)
KOBBANE Abdellatif (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
KRATZ Frédéric (INSA Centre Val de Loire-Bourges, France)
LAHBY Mohammed (ENS-CASABLANCA, Morocco)
LEGHRIS Cherkaoui (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
LESOT Marie Jeanne (LIP6-Paris, France)
LIU Jun (University of Ulster-Coleraine, UK)
LOUNIS Hakim (UQAM-Montreal, Canada)
MAMMAS Driss (FS-Agadir, Morocco)
MARGHOUBI Rabia (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
MARSALA Christophe (LIP6-Paris, FRANCE)
MARTINEZ LOPEZ Luis (University of Jaen-Jaen, Spain)
MARZAK Abdelaziz (FSB-Casablanca, Morocco)
MERROUCH Redouane(EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
MEZRIOUI Abdellatif (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
MOUMKINE Noureddine (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
MOURADI Abdelhak (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
NAFIL Kalid (University Mohammed V-Rabat ,Morocco)
NAJI Abdelwahab (ENSET-Mohammedia , Morocco)
NFAOUI El habib (FS DM-FES, Morocco)
NKUMBOU Roger (UQAM-Montreal, Canada)
NOUR EL FATH Mustapha (University Laval-Laval, Canada)
OUKARFI Benyounes (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
RACHIDI Tajje-Eddine (AUI-IFRANE, Morocco)
RAHMANI Ahmed (EC- Lille, France)
RAMDANI Mohammed (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
RANC Daniel (TELECOM Sudparis-Paris, France)
RAOUYANE Brahim (FSAC-Casablanca, Morocco)
RIFQI Maria (LIP6-Paris, France)
ROBERT Serge (UQAM-Montreal, Canada)
ROS JOAQUIN Nicolas (University of Murcia-Murcia, Spain)
SABBAR Wafae (FSJES-Casablanca, Morocco)
SADDOUNE Mohammed (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
SELLAMI Asma (University of Sfax-Sfax, Tunisia)
SOTO Sebastián Ventura (University of Córdoba-Córdoba, Spain)
TAMTAOUI Ahmed (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
TAZI Said (LAAS-Toulouse, France)
TOVAL Ambrosio (University of Murcia-Murcia, Spain)
TRIBAK Abdelwahed (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
WANG Hui (University of Ulster-Coleraine, UK)
YOUSFI Abdellah (UM5R-Rabat, Morocco)
ZEITOUNI Karine (UVSQ-Versailles, France)
ZELLOU Ahmed (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
ZOUAKI Hamid (FS-El Jadida, Morocco)

Organizing Committee

  • Seniors
  • BELLAFKIH Mostafa (INPT, Rabat)
    BERRADO Aziz (EMI, Rabat)
    DOUZI Khadija (FST, Mohammedia)
    El BEGGAR Omar (FST, Mohammedia)
    ElBOUZIRI Adil (FST, Mohammedia)
    ELMACHRAA Lahsen (FST, Mohammedia)
    HAMLICH Mohamed (ENSAM, Casablanca)
    IDRI Ali (ENSIAS, Rabat)
    KISSI Mohamed (FST, Mohammedia)
    LAHBY Mohammed (ENS, Casablanca)
    NAJI Abdelwahab (ENSET, Mohammedia)
    SADDOUNE Mohammed (FST, Mohammedia)

  • Juniors
  • CHERRADI Ghyzlane (FST, Mohammedia)
    DAROUICH Asmaa (FST, Mohammedia)
    ESSEBAA Imane (FST, Mohammedia)
    LAGHMARI Khalil (FST, Mohammedia)
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    TASSINE Mouhcine (FST, Mohammedia)


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